Becoming a Willow Mountain Mushrooms Satellite Farm

Interested in becoming a Willow Mountain Mushrooms Satellite Farm?

Are you a Farmers Market or CSA grower located in MO or Northern Arkansas?  Are you interested in expanding your offerings?

Have you ever considered growing mushrooms, but felt it was too complicated when you looked into it?  

We will take the guesswork out by helping you start growing mushrooms as a Willow Mountain Mushrooms Satellite Farm.

Our first step is to start with the oyster mushroom logs by providing fully colonized - ready to fruit logs to you, our potential grower. Helping you set up your growing rooms and learn the environment that mushrooms like to grow in. Learn how to sell the mushrooms. What packaging works best and why. And more.

We will train you and help you succeed! 
Everything you need to know from growing, to picking/packing and marketing your beautiful FRESH Mushrooms

We are starting with the oyster mushroom as it has the lowest start up investment and is an easy mushroom to start with for first time growers.  It helps get your feet wet and gives you time to dicide if mushroom growing is for you.  Growing mushrooms is completely different from growing veggies in the garden.  So, it doesn't matter if you have a green or brown thumb.

Bob has been growing mushrooms for 36 years. 

He spent his first 23 yrs in the mushroom industry at large farms (350 + employees per farm).  Where he learned from the top growers in the country.  He has worked as a growers aid, grower and growing supervisor/manager in all growing departments and eventually became a farm manager before taking on the challenge of having our own farm. We have been growing mushrooms in the Missouri Ozarks for over 13 years. Our goal at this point in our lives is to expand our farm by mentoring others so that they may grow mushrooms organically for their local communities. 

Let our experiences go to work for you!


Note from Wendy:
When we first started growing oyster mushrooms they were my "babies".  I'm only 5' tall, had less than a year of mushroom growing experience under my belt and that being minimal.  I felt that there was no way I could grow agaricus (button/port) on my own if Bob weren't around to do the heavy stuff like composting/phase II/spawning etc.  I still couldn't do it on my own today.  
So, if something happens to Bob, I would not be able to continue with the buttons and portabella on my own.  
Our oldest son, Robert, is now 21 and is learning the science behind the agaricus mushrooms as well as the day to day needs/requirements.  He has the muscle it takes to deal with the heavy lifting and equipment etc that are required for the agaricus that I do not have.  

I find that the oyster are a perfect fit for me.  With a little "muscle" help from Robert to create the logs, I can manage growing them on my own.  
I love growing and Eating them. Our children were small when I first started. It was perfect for me. 
So, what I am saying is if you are looking for something that does not require a lot of strenuous work to help supplement your household income - growing oyster mushrooms is a terrific way to do it! You are your own boss - manage your own time. Take the kids to the farmers market with you. It can be a great learning experience for them as well.  Who knows, maybe one of the children will choose mushroom growing as a career path?