Buying Club/Food Coop Information and Policies

We are currently working with approximately 15 wholesale vendors.  Two of them we order from on a monthly basis:  Country Life Natural Foods (www.clnf.org) and Frontier Co-op (www.frontiercoop.com).  We are continually searching for and adding new vendors to our roster.  If you have any suggestions for new vendors please let us know.

There are two options to join our club.

1) Paid membership:  As a paid member there are annual membership dues of $30.  This is the best option.  It covers all order origination fees for the year.  

With unlimited ordering power you can order from any vendor on our roster and the order origination fees are waived.  If your family orders from just the two main vendors every month this equates to a $42 annual savings.  

Many vendors we order from on a quarterly basis.  Some specialty vendors only every six months or annually... such as the USA made soaker hose company, seeds etc.

There is a 10% bagging fee on each order.

2) Trial membership:  If you just want to try the club out to see if it would be a benefit to your family we offer this option to do just that.  

There is an order initiation fee of $3 on each separate vender order placed no matter the size.  

There is a 10% bagging fee on each order.

If you have never belonged to a food coop/buying club before this may be a great way to try it out to see how it fits.


If you live in an outlying area consider starting a mini co-op group.  We still do all the work and the group selects a member to meet us at the meet up point.  It can be the same member or can change from month to month so there isn't just one person paying for gas and taking time out of their day.


Further Questions?... feel free to contact us at shroomshack@gmail.com


**Please Note:  Produce and Buying Club do not employ the same policies**

dues/fees are calculated into the cost of the produce.

For further information on the Produce Policies please visit this page.