Willow Mountain Mushrooms

Naturally Grown Portabella, White Button, Shiitake, & Oyster Mushrooms

Types of Boxes Available

We offer a variety of box styles and prices to fit any budget and lifestyle.

We have mixed boxes starting at $20 going up at $10 increments.  These are a nice balance of Certified Organic Fruits and Vegetables.

We also offer Fruit only boxes as well as Veggie only boxes starting at $20.  Going up in $10 increments.

People have found that our $20 basic box typically feeds a family of 1-2 for a week.  The $30 box a family of 2-5.  The $40 box 4-6.  And the $50 box 5 and more.  It all depends on your families eating habits.  The more natural whole foods you eat... the healthier you are and the larger the box your family may need.  Individual items may be added to your box  ~ say your family enjoys salads and two heads of lettuce for the week is not going to be enough.  You can request however many additional heads you would like added to your box order.  If there is something in the box that doesn't fit your family it may be exchanged for something of equal value that you do enjoy.  Just make note of it when you place your order.

We also offer a +10F (Fruit Salad) and a +10V (Garden Salad) that you may add onto any box.

I post to our website each Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning as to what we are going to be getting in the following week so that you can be prepared with some meal ideas. *

Typically people try out the boxes a few times to get the feel for things and then send us an email to shroomshack@gmail.com and request to be put on weekly or every other week standing order for the box of thier choosing.

Ready to order?  Visit our Order Page here.


*When working with fresh produce, availability can sometimes change last-minute.  We do our best to let you know what’s coming ahead of time, but sometimes things do change.  Thanks for your understanding!