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Policies regarding the organic produce coop


Minimum Orders:

There is a $20 minimum for FREE home and work delivery within city limits.  

Orders under $20 for home delivery may be assessed a $3 bagging and delivery fee.

Orders under $20 for Work Delivery... if it is the only order for that point... will be assessed a bagging and delivery fee of $3.  If other full co-op boxes are being delivered to that workplace, an order under $20 will be assessed a $1 bagging and processing fee.

Orders under $20 to be picked up at one of our pick up points are assessed a $1 bagging and processing fee.   

Standing orders: 

We are operating similar to a CSA (consumer supported agriculture) in that our goal is that everyone is on a standing order basis.  At this time about 85% of the group is.  You set up your favorite size and style box to have delivered weekly or every other week depending on your families habits.  It may take a few weeks for you to get the feel for how things work.  During that time we will look forward to your emails and answering any questions that may come up. :) 

With a CSA you are required to pay for the entire year and there is a binding contract... reguardless as to if you are on vacation etc.  You have paid for that produce.  Here we do not require a contract.  Nor do you pay for your box in advance... if you are to be gone on vacation for a week or two you simply let us know in advance so we are sure not to order for you.

You do not need to make it the same style or size box every week.  We have several people that have been with us since we started in November of 2011 that receive alternating boxes.  For example:

Week one:  $30 Veggie Box (without lettuce - so subbing with something else that we get in that week).  Week two:  $40 mixed box (with only 1 head of lettuce) ~ Alternating the two selections from one week to the next.

We have others that are on standing order for: weekly $20LGI (no beans) and $20 Veggie (no carrots or beans).  For these I will substitute with other veggie items we are finding that week.

We have others that request a $20 standing order without bananas.  In that case we give another fruit to make up for the bananas.  Basically, substituting like items.


We are happy to work with you on substitutions.  If you know that your family will not eat something that is in a particular box, please let us know and we will exchange it for something that would suit your family.  Feel free to make suggestions.  If none are made I will do my best to choose something appropriate from what we are working with.  If it is a veggie that you do not wish to have... I will sub using another veggie... if it is a fruit... I will sub with another fruit.  You may request up to three substitutions per box order.

Pick up point

Please be on time... or early.  Bob has many deliveries to make, children to care for, mushrooms to grow and gardens to tend to.  His time is valuable.  Most people arrive in the first 15 minutes of a scheduled pick up point and he can leave and finish the other home and work deliveries.  If you can not make it or need to schedule something different with him please send an email to shroomshack@gmail.com with the best number to reach you at.  If he is already en route I will contact him and have him call you when he has stopped the van.  If you are a Mountain Home delivery and something comes up we do have the option available for a Thursday meet up as he is back in Mountain Home late that afternoon.

Home and Work Delivery

Home and Work Deliveries are free as long as your order meets the minimum requirements as outlined above.  If you are not going to be available to receive your box please leave your payment either with a co-worker/secretary at the office/workplace and let us know who the contact person is or have it on your desk where he would see it.  

If it is a home delivery... Please put a cooler out with your payment inside.  Bob will put your produce into the cooler for you so it is relatively safe from the neighborhood dog, cat or squirrel.  (lol)  If he comes to your home and there isn't a payment or cooler and no one comes to the door... he will come by one more time after making the other home and work deliveries.  That failing we will consider it a cancelation without notification as outlined below.  I am online and at the phone when he is en route... at the ready to help make the connections.


There is NO fee if you cancel your order the week before - deadline Friday night.  Please send an email to:  shroomshack@gmail.com

note:  I had to install a cancellation policy after several people canceled  orders after the groups produce was already ordered and on its way.  Two weekends in a row with different families.  We cannot absorb this monetarily.  Please be courteous~ let us know the week before via email if you intend to skip a week here or there.

If you cancel your order after I have placed the group order you will be assessed 50% of what your order total is.  This was a very difficult decision  to make on my part.  

The 50% does NOT cover the cost of the produce - just helps defer it - we will donate your produce so it doesn't go to waste.   (If we find someone to take your box we will not assess a fee.  We are sometimes lucky in that other members are generous enough to absorb it.)

Another option might be to buy the box anyway and have us donate it to a homeless shelter!  We are already working with churches and shelters in West Plains and Mountain Home.  If there is a certain church or shelter that you would like us to take the box to just let us know!  (Or even a certain home/family that you know of that could use it.)

I am reminded of a daycare policy in regards to payment.  If a child is in daycare the parent pays for the daycare time the child is scheduled regardless as to if the child is able to attend.


Standing orders are great for us both!  You are hands free unless you wish to change something or make additions.  You can count on your FRESH produce arriving as arranged! 

If you need to take a week off or change your box size/style... just let us know.  No problem!  We are easy to work with... having 5 children ourselves we know things are not always easily predicted, to say the least.

Thank you for making this an enjoyable co-op experience!