Bob's Veggie Builder Plustm

A proprietary blend of our organic mushroom compost, worm castings, and food grade water soluble minerals ~ Bob's Veggie Builder Plus
tm is an organic fertilizer that plants just LOVE!

We grow our seedlings in a mixture of our Bob's Veggie Builder Plustm and peat moss. We have seen an outstanding response from the seeds with this mix ~ a nearly 100% germination rate and wonderful healthy plants! 

To use you can add it to the soil around the root ball of whatever you are planting.  Once they are in the ground you can feed them by placing Bob's Veggie Builder Plustm as a top dressing on the soil around the plant.  This also acts like a mulch helping to keep the soil damp while at the same time keeping the weeds at bay and continuously feeding your plants.

Don't let the house plants miss out.  They like to be fed too!

Available by the bag for pick up at our co-op pick up points in Gainesville, Mountain Home, Willow Springs and West Plains.  Local delivery is available.  

The bag is about the size of a 20-25# bag of dog food.


"Hi Wendy and Bob, If you can let me have 10 bags of that soil booster I would get it Saturday or whatever you can let me have. If you cannot let me have that amount I will certainly take less. Everyone who sees my ten foot tall tomatoe plants is in AWE!! We still are getting tomatoes and they are all wonderful tasting. They commend you both for all your hard work. 
We also grew Yukon Gold Potatoes and they were great! Love you guys!!" ~Zilda Herbert-Frogue 9-17-10