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Home Grown Spotlight

From time to time we feature a little tidbit on a locally grown business.  

Below are some of those local small businesses.  Check them out!  Shop Local!

If you would like to be featured as our next "Home Grown Spotlight" just send an email to shroomshack@gmail.com.  All it takes is a photo and a bit of information on you, why you do what you do, your business/craft and any contact info and websites.  We don't charge... it is just a way for us to support the local community. :)




Home Grown Spotlight!!!
   Hello,My name is Sunni Fine. I offer massage therapy services from my home.
I specialize in Neuromuscular Therapy and also offer Swedish  massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, prenatal massage and pediatric massage.
Neuromuscular Therapy is also known as trigger point work and is wonderful for helping to relieve pain and increase range of motion.
I strive to lead a wholistic lifestyle and educate my clients as much as possible.
My rates are $50 hourly for adults or $40 if you choose to come weekly.
My pediatric rates are on a sliding scale according to the age of the child.
I also offer discounts for families.
I can be reached at 417-274-7966 or through e-mail at srfine@rocketmail.com.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.
Thank you,


Home Grown Spotlight
Today I have a New crafter I would like to introduce you to.
Beth loves to crochet. She makes so many neat things, but I think my favorite is the eco friendly swiffer pad!
Here is about her craft.. in her own words:
"After deciding to go a bit "greener" in my cleaning habits at home, I wanted to find a way to use my swiffer without continuing to buy those refill pads...come on, use once and throw away.
I tried different fabrics but nothing seemed to work. During a trip to the crafts department for yarn to make a new afghan, I found a new yarn, was so thick and looked like something that might work for a new project, it didn't work out but in playing with the yarn a light bulb went off in my head so in the late part of 2011 I sat down and started my first swiffer pad, it wasn't the one I use now but after putting the first one on my swiffer I knew I was on the right track, so I made up 4 using them all the time, dry, wet, and washing to see how the yarn was going to hold up....

It was great!!
Durable, thick and picking up all the things on my laminate and linoleum!
Whether dry sweeping or using my vinegar solution or cleaner for the laminate they held up and I was excited.

So this fall I started making a few with the full head, covering the entire swiffer head, so when reaching under the furniture you can lift up and bit and get the under side of the furniture...I shared with a couple of people and they loved them as well, so the rest is now history.
If you would like to try my product you can find me on facebook:
Beth's Crafty Crochet ~http://www.facebook.com/crochet.corner.5
..or you can send me an email at  goinggreenwithcrochet@gmail.com 
or just give me a call 870-421-4846
They are $10 each or 2 for $18. What could be better than saving money, for the cost of my pad, you are going a bit more green, use, wash and reuse. 
I also make body puffs for shower use, pony tail holders, hats, dish cloths and dish towels."

Beth's Crafty CrochetPhoto: adult size knit hats $5.00Photo: facial puff, 100% cotton, $3Photo: this is how I can save you $$ on those swiffer pads, $10 each or 2 for $18, very durablePhoto: more dish cloths, 100% cotton, $3 each or 2 for $5Beth's Crafty Crochet


Home Grown Spotlight!!!
   Woodland Wonders was founded in April of 2011 by me (Cheyenne Johnson). The passion for arts and crafts mixed with a deep childhood love for fantasy and a desire to bring smiles to people's faces, when they are full of delight from seeing there custom creations, is what drove me to Make Woodland Wonders grow. 
Woodland Wonders is a shop of hand crafted one of a kind  (OOAK) fantasy art bringing whimsical fantasy and smiles to the lives and homes of others. We also take custom orders. 

I started with only making mushroom and mushroom scenes with the help of my husband "the talented one". He showed me techniques for sculpting and molding and taught me how to think in order to see how to shape something. On top of that I watched videos, read blogs, Googled pictures and anything else I could do to learn how to improve my art. I studied on supplies,how to tips, and asked questions of anyone willing to help.
It was not long until I had started my own Facebook page, and hunted for any other info available, as well as grabbing every artist in my genre I could find! Today you can find us on Etsy, Facebook, Tophatter and sometimes ebay. We have been growing, by GOD's Grace!! 

We are currently in almost all 50 states and in Canada with a Fan base from around the world.  

Things we create:Dragon eye jewelryDragon eye pill/trinket boxesFantasy jewelryANYTHING MushroomsCustom orders of most kindsCraft supplies for other artistand NEW: we use Glowing products to add even more Fantasy to your custom creation.
You can contact Woodland Wonders at.... 

https://www.etsy.com/shop/OzarkArtisans ( look for woodland wonders category )
Please if you have any further questions or comments or would like to place a custom order contact me through one of my accounts or email. Thank you ahead of time for checking us out.   my number is 870 405 0916  I have unlimited texting and welcome people to text me as well.

Inline image 1necklace



This weeks "Home Grown Spotlight" is "Grandma Kathie's Crochet Cuties".

If you would like to have a "Spotlight" please send an email with a short bio about your product, you and why you started doing what you are doing.  I would love to put you in our next newsletter!

Support Local... Shop Local

"Grandma Kathie's Crochet Cuties features a collection of crocheted hats for the whole family in a wide variety of styles & stitches. From closely meshed stitches for that warm, soft winter hat to open stitched dressy hats for spring & summer wear and everything in between. You will find your style here. If you have a special style in mind that you don't find here just contact me to place a special order in your unique style. My name is Katherine. I served 16 years as our county's assessor. I was taught by my mother at the age of 8 to crochet doilies. I fell in love with the craft from the start. I create my hats from my rural home in Missouri. Born & raised in rural Missouri, I love the country life. Over the years & have enjoyed sewing, embroidery, oil painting & growing a large variety of houseplants but when I crocheted the first hats for my grandchildren & saw how thrilled they were, I knew I had truly fallen in love with making the hats because & saw what joy it could bring and I found I enjoyed their joy even more than I enjoy the craft. I love to hear back from my customers of how happy their child or grandchild was when they received their hat. Searching for beautiful buttons & rhinestones to decorate that special hat for someone has become a very enjoyable addiction. I am always learning new stitches & techniques to be able to create a totally different look from just a single pattern.I constantly have a crochet hook & yarn in my hands so be sure to check my site often because the inventory will be constantly changing. I want you to be thrilled with your purchase.Quality hats, lovingly made by me, Grandma Kathie."

Kathie makes the most adorable hats!  You must check them out!


My phone number is 417-679-3337; Email is kloftis1@yahoo.com.


PhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhoto: Order completed for customer.
Oh yay... too cute and too many to post here!  LOL  She is working on an etsy site, but until that opens has her hats on FB.  I'm hoping that we can meet with her next week so we can show them to everyone when we make deliveries!  We will be happy to take orders for her as well. 



Home Grown Business Spotlight

We have several small business owners that get our produce boxes every week and so we have decided to introduce them to you a little at a time.  
Our first Home Grown Business Spotlight is FundRaising Software.
A Brief History

Gene WeinbeckBy Gene Weinbeck, Founder and retired CEO

Founded in 1985 as Professional Support Software, the company has grown and evolved from a local computer-consulting and custom-software firm into FundRaiser Software, "home of the FundRaiser Family of donor management software for nonprofit organizations", with clients and users around the world.

The company began as so many small businesses do: from sheer necessity and on a shoestring. My wife and I had moved from the eastern seaboard to a small-town in south-central Missouri on the promise of a job, which came true, but then dissolved after a few months. A long job-hunt later, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and find a niche which needed filling. Since personal computers were then reaching even the middle of the country, and I had some experience in the field, that seemed to fill the bill.

The first two years were largely taken up with designing and writing one local client's custom software, and then I went on to other consulting and programming clients in an ever-widening geographical area. The program which evolved into FundRaiser Professional was originally a custom program for a local politician's campaign fundraising efforts. In the first two decades after its birth, FundRaiser added two "sibling" programs, FundRaiser Select and the baby of the family, FundRaiser Basic. In its third decade now, the family continues to grow with FundRaiser Online, FundRaiser Hosted, and the Donor and Volunteer Portals. 

As the FundRaiser programs have gained users, and gained in sophistication, the consulting and custom-programming efforts of the original company dwindled until about 1993 when the entire focus of the company became the FundRaiser programs: improving them, marketing them, and supporting them.

As I began to want to take a less active role in running the company, FundRaiser passed into the capable hands of Autumn and Joshua Shirley, in 2010. They continue the work my wife and I began, taking it farther, yet retaining the supportive environment we created for both our staff and our customers. I continue to still be active as part of the software development team. 

It has always been my belief that prompt, friendly, and expert technical support is vital to the users of any software. It was my intention from the beginning to supply just that to my clients. When I retired from the position of CEO, one of my main objectives in choosing new leadership was to make sure that this continued. According to FundRaiser users, we have been successful in that endeavor. Most new clients are simply amazed by the patience and friendliness of our support staff.

FundRaiser has been growing for over two decades now, and we have great plans for the future, helping nonprofits with affordable donor management software that they can grow into, accessible and friendly tech support, and a continually improving family of affordable products.

FundRaiser Software is family-owned. While it's now more than just "Mom 'n' Pop", it's still a friendly group of people to do business with. Come join us. You'll find it an enjoyable experience."


While Gene has taken a small step back from FundRaiser Software he is now very active in another venture... helping other small business get off the ground or get better via OzSBI, Ozark Small Business Incubator.  This coming Tuesday they are having a workshop on Internet Marketing.  From the 'about' page: "OzSBI maximizes entrepreneurs' success by helping them navigate resources, strengthen knowledge, improve skills, form strategic alliances, and secure proper capitalization."  Read more about OzSBI here

What Great Resources for the Ozarks!  Thanks Gene!

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of our "Home Grown Business Spotlight"!   If you have a small business that you would like us to feature in our newsletter feel free to send me a little bio about it and I will be sure to put your business on our blogspot directory and in the newsletters.